The Latitude

Apartment, San Po Kong

The Latitude - Interior Design (譽港灣)

Understated Elegance

Featuring a dark colour scheme softened by the addition of neutral tones and rich materials, this petite property feels suerprisingly spacious thinks to the talented team from inT Design Furniture Limited.

Rising from the cityscape like a gleaming phoenix reborn from the ashes, The Latitude in San Po Kong is a luxury development that plays home to almost 1,200 units, sprawled across five impressive towers, making this a perfect choice for Hong Kong residents who look to enjoy the spectacular views over Victoria Harbour. As such, the owners of this 889 square feet apartment were keen to introduce a design scheme that reflected the building’s prestigious reputation while featuring a mix-and-match style that creates a host of difference atmospheres to complement their daily lives.

However, given that the property is quite petite, designer Jacky Lee and the talented team from inT Design Furniture Limited began their work by addressing some of the structural issues in the apartment. For instance, they opened up the enclosed kitchen by introducing a glass wall that allowed the owners to keep an eye on their three year old when cooking, and also enhanced the sense of spaciousness in the property. With this problem, the design team then shifted their attention to the stylish interiors.

Focusing on a simple and understated palette that wouldn’t overwhelm the space, they used a wide range of colours to create definition and express the transition between each unique space. Upon entering the flat, visitors are greeted with a vast expanse of dark wooden handle-free cupboards that discreetly provides additional storage and reaches half way into the lounge. The same cupboards have been used to encase the opposite wall, this time also including a simple mirrored display case that lightens up the proceedings.

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